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Automated Optical Die Inspector

Automated Optical Die Inspector Level 3 - (Grade 5)

Location MA 


 Automated Optical Inspector shall be part of the Die Business team reporting into the Die Business Manager. The inspector shall perform automated optical inspection (AOI) on semiconductor wafers and die to ensure MIL-STD 883 and customer specification compliance.


Job Responsibilities:

  1. Use of AOI equipment to perform wafer and die inspection.       Must be comfortable and familiar with setting up and running automated inspection equipment (August, Rudolph, Onto).
  2. Capable of using digital and optical microscopes and other die inspection tools.
  3. Handle semiconductor wafers and die in clean room environments (Class 10,000)
  4. Visually inspect wafer and die to customer criteria and MIL-STD’s at wafer and die level (commercial, Class S, Class K as required)
  5. Capable of binning similar wafer/die defects
  6. Capable of interpreting electronic wafer maps
  7. Familiarity with FOD, contamination and ESD management
  8. Disposition the material based on the specification and criteria approved
    1. Train other die inspectors on that disposition
  9. Generate defect images and pareto charts (Excel use) to provide feedback to upstream processing (closed loop feedback)
  1. Knowledge of wafer, microelectronic and hybrid assembly processes and manufacturing processes (wafer probe testing, wafer singulation, wafer cleaning and automated wafer pick and place).
  1. Use ERP, shop floor control systems and automated tracking tools to status daily production (SAP, Eyelit).
  2. Attend meetings to provide yield data and contribute to defect root cause analysis and potential corrective actions


Skills and Qualifications:

  1. Previous AOI experience preferred.
  2. Must be able to sit for a long period of time working in a cleanroom environment.
  3. Must be able to work under a microscope for an extended period of time – optical and digital
  4. Able to work independently.
  5. Must pay attention to details, being meticulous.
  6. Must be well-organized and detail oriented
  7. Must know MIL-STD 883 details and learn customer specific requirements


Experience and Education:

  1. High school diploma or equivalent, fluent in written English. Associates degree preferred.
  2. Comfortable working with automated equipment (AOI, digital microscopes, die - pick and place)
  3. +2 years of previous semiconductor inspection experience helpful
  4. Computer skills and knowledge in MS Office (Excel)
  5. Prior work experience in a lean manufacturing/5S environment a plus
  6. US citizen or permanent resident required due to ITAR restrictions.
  1. Familiarity with die sorting pick and place equipment (manual, semi and full auto) a plus