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KIRAN MANKAME +1- (201)-985-4764 https://www.linkedin.com/in/kiranmankame/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY MS in Electrical Engineering with industrial experience in Power Electronics and academic experience in Radar Tech, Remote Sensing, Space Systems Engineering, Embedded System. Seeking to enhance my skills in Remote Sensing and the RF field. TECHNICAL SKILLS Prog Lang: Python, Assembly Language, Verilog, VHDL Tools: MS Office, MATLAB, SPICE, Eclipse 4.4.2, Proteus, PCB Wizard (Simulation), DS9 v7.2.1, SKM Tool, AutoCAD LT Skills: VSWR, S-parameters, Antenna Design, Radar, LiDAR, SLAR, RS & GIS, Filters, Noise Figure, ADC, DAC, Smith Chart, TX Lines & Modes, Laser, EM Radiation, Microcontroller, Microprocessor – ARM7, MSP430, Intel, Oscilloscope, volt/amp/multimeter, Hardware Design, PCB Design, Wireless Communication, basics of Quantum Computing EDUCATION M.S. Degree, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING – Concentration: Communications and Signal Processing 08/17 – 12/18 Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ Relevant Courses: Electromagnetism, Introduction to Radar Systems, Fundamentals of Remote Sensing, Human Spaceflight, Design Space Missions & Systems, Image Processing & Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition & Classification CERTIFICATE in ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS, University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India 06/15 – 05/16 Learned theoretical Astronomy & Astrophysics, worked on practical problems, attended a few stargazing programs B.E. Degree, ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING, University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India 07/11 – 05/15 Relevant Courses: Electromagnetic Engineering, Communication Systems & Analysis, Microwave Devices & Circuits, Neural Network & Fuzzy Systems, Robotics & Automation, Analog & Digital Circuits, VLSI, AVLSI EXPERIENCE EG&R ENGINEERING, PC, Electrical Engineer, Cranbury, NJ 10/19 – 06/20 • Assisted a senior engineer to analyze the incident arc flash energy for 8-9 high voltage power plants caused due to the flow of fault current using the SKM tool • Prepared the Arc Flash Datasheets, Reports, and the Compilation tables for ensuring the 100% safety of field workers’ life • Worked under senior engineers to design relay and breaker schematic, single-line & three-line diagrams, device plate drawings, Connection/Block/Wiring diagrams using AutoCAD LT • Basic knowledge of CCL, Conduit Selection, writing the scope of work and technical documentation for electrical designs • Our team efforts improved work efficiency by 45% STEVENS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Research Assistant, Hoboken, NJ 04/19 – 10/19 • Designed and developed a Radar-based Remote Sensing System to detect a vessel object with different resolutions • Made observations of Detecting and Tracking Vessel Traffic Radar System using PPI display BHABHA ATOMIC RESEARCH CENTER, Project Trainee, Mumbai, India 08/14 – 04/15 • Designed a 16-bit Microcontroller Based Wireless Radiation Meter using MSP430F5438A, Radiation Sensor, GPS, Bluetooth technology, & Android Application. Led a team of 3 members. • Designed senses the radiation near the nuclear plant & sends its intensity along with its geographical coordinates to the central computer using properties of Bluetooth and to mobile devices using an Android application ACADEMIC PROJECTS & ACHIEVEMENTS SUNDEWS AND SPHAGNUM 09/20-Present • Led the winning team at NASA ISAC Boston 2020 Hackathon. Announced as a Global Nominee by NASA. • Finalist at the Space Habitat Event i.e., the crew of the Mars Society will be executing our project at their base in Utah LUNAR DELIVERY CHALLENGE 10/20-01/21 • High level design of Power, Navigation, and Communication system for an autonomous unloading and transport fleet of the Astra Unit THE NEW SPECTRUM AND POINTING VERIFICATION METHOD FOR LiDAR APPLICATIONS (Research Report) 08/18-12/18 • Studied 3-D, 4-D, & 5-D LiDAR technology by learning the LiDAR applications at different temporal & spectral scales. • Analyzed how the errors caused due to the Doppler Effect & the incorrect assumption of atmospheric pressure while pointing the laser on the target by correlating CHARM-F airborne LiDAR and DEM data to achieve better performance of the LiDAR systems. SATELLITE-BASED REMOTE SENSING MISSION AND A MANNED MARS MISSION OF 850 DAYS 01/18-05/18, 08/18-12/18 • Designed a spaceborne based Remote Sensing Mission to detect & track the wildfire over the entire USA by studying orbits & trajectories to evaluating mission risk & cost. Analyzed additional aspects such as the atmosphere set up for a crew, protection from cosmic radiation, health, food, water, & waste management in space and on Mars surface while designing the Manned Mars Mission IMAGE RESTORATION FOR MOTION BLURRED IMAGES (MATLAB) 05/18-08/18 • Analyzed and compared the different restoration techniques for de-blurring the image using MATLAB. The quality of the restored image is based on the restoration technique; few of them recovered the image up to 70-80%. Developed a GUI for taking input and display the original, blurred, and the restored image on one panel.

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