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Digital Design Hardware Engineer

Job Title: Digital Design Hardware Engineer
Location MA
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Job Summary:
Seeking a highly motivated and innovative digital design engineer with strong theoretical and practical background in high-speed digital circuits with a knowledge of video and audio compression and digital signal processing. Candidate with be part of a team responsible for development of new wireless products. We are looking for a team-oriented, self-driven individual with a keen technical mind and an eye for detail.
General Responsibilities:
• Responsible for design, schematic, layout oversight, board bring-up and debugging of hardware designs working form a known specification and architecture.
• Provide overall power budgets for all designs
• Generate block diagrams for the overall system
• Initial prototype power up and hardware debugging and trouble shooting
• Design basic analog circuits consisting of op-amps, switching regulators and analog logic
• Basic power supply system design
• Work as a team member to develop specifications
• Responsible for documenting hardware and specification changes
• Responsible for overseeing the software and hardware validation process of the products or modules personally developed
• Responsible for writing a portion of the verification plan
• Responsible for writing test procedures
• Participate in design reviews with colleagues
• Electronic part selection and specification
• Develop and maintain ICD (Interface Control Document)
• Responsible to transition designs into production
• Conduct compliance application support
• Participate in the editing of the user’s guide

Job Qualification:
• Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering or equivalent discipline
• 4+ years of experience of hardware design
• Proficiency in at least 5 of the following areas:
o Electrical simulation tools
o C# and .NET
o High speed memory layout (DDR2/DDR3)
o High speed signal design practices
o High density designs involving FPGAs and microprocessors.
o Experience debugging industry standard buss protocols (I2C, PCIe, SPI,USB).
o Low noise switching power supplies
o DC Power budget analysis
o Microprocessor/Microcontroller design and debug experience
o Exposure to Altera/Xilinx FPGAs
o Exposure to Nios II or Microblaze
o Exposure to IMX microprocessors
o Exposure to Linux
o Digital signal processing (Filtering, control systems)
o Analog circuit design (op amps, filters)
o Experience with analog and digital video and audio signals and measurement.
o Experience with MPEG video and audio systems
o Control system theory desired
o Experience with IP and networking protocols
o Audio/Video experience
• Computer experience with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word and Microsoft Visio
• Willing to listen and learn
• Improve and maintain existing hardware designs
• Perform test, verification and validation of the product developed
• Document the projects standards (protocols, architecture, technical specifications, ...)
• Participate in the editing of the user's guide
• Ability to write effective
• Must be a dynamic, autonomous, and team-oriented individual
• Experience with Microsoft Excel, Word and Visio


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