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FPGA Engineer

Title FPGA Engineer 
Location NJ 
Basic Qualifications:
1. Minimum 3 years recent FPGA and programmable Logic design: Experience with entire design flow – from design entry to programming & configuration.  
2. Circuit board hardware design in FPGA-Based Systems:  Experience and familiarity with high-speed digital design techniques and layout practices for multi-layer high density boards. Be able to work with PCB designers on schematic and layout.
3. High performance real time DSP calculation > 100MHz real time BW, 500MHz clock. 
4. Interface with High speed 16 ADC >500MSPS and DAC>2GSPS
Additional qualifications are a plus – has experience with the following:
1. Altera (Intel) or Xilinx design flows.
2. VPX and VME form factors
3. FPGA-based PCIe interface designs.
4. JESD204 interface.
5. High speed data converters – ADC/DAC
6. Embedded software programming
7. DSP algorithms for Communication System Designs.
8. Basic analog circuit design.
9. Digital circuit design in an RF/Microwave environment.

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